Micro Camp sticker that looks like a log fire with Micro.blog logo flames.

Micro Camp

A virtual gathering of the Micro.blog community to share knowledge and make new connections.

Micro Camp 2023 schedule:

All times Pacific Daylight Time / UTC-7.

Friday, May 19th

11:45 am: Welcome and Announcements
12:00 pm: Keynote: A Conversation with Om Malik
1:00 pm: Discussion: The State of the Micro.blog Community
2:00 pm: Meetup: Books πŸ“š
2:30 pm: Meetup: Photography πŸ“·

Saturday, May 20th

9:00 am: Chris Campbell: Navigating the Online Age of Entertainment: How to Find Films to Watch and People to Share Them With
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10:00 am: Anna Havron: Getting (the Right) Things Done: How an Ancient Monastic Practice Can Help You Stay Focused in a World of Distraction
11:00 am: Mandaris Moore: Learning in Public: Creating A Micro.blog Theme As A Path To Personal Insight
12:00 pm: Miraz Jordan: Take the Captain’s Chair of your Micro.Blog with the MarsEdit App for Mac: Time Travel, Replicators, Warp Speed and More
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1:00 pm: The State of the Micro.blog Platform with Manton Reece, Jean MacDonald, and Vincent Ritter
2:00 pm: Community Happy Hour